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Is coding for you? Online Test

Test your coding potential, no experience required.

Discover your coding potential by taking this test. Your first step into the coding world awaits.

The test consists of three parts:

  • Problem-solving and logical test

    Timed tasks that need to be solved in the shortest time possible

  • Personality test

    Unlock your personality traits

  • English language test

    Check whether you have the required level

The result will be sent to your email immediately after finishing the test, with a detailed explanation and answer to the question of whether coding is for you.

Across more than 50 countries, over 1000 tests were successfully conducted this month.

Why Our Test?

Unlock Your Coding Potential

Unveil your coding potential and explore promising opportunities. Our test helps you make right decisions about learning to code or pursuing a coding career.

Discover Your Ideal IT Position

Embark on a personalized IT journey with our assessment. Discover your forte—whether it's full stack, frontend, backend, or QA testing. Uncover the perfect IT position tailored just for you.

Get personalized learning guidelines

Unlock insights tailored to enhance your coding skills with our assessment. Receive a personalized report and guidelines to navigate your unique learning journey.

Coding test

Ben Burmudzija

Head of Engineering & Business Development

"Coding is like singing. Anyone can sing, but not everyone is good at it. The same goes for coding. Try our test and assess your coding potential."

Have you ever wondered,
"Is coding for me?"

If you've been pondering this question, you're not alone. Many individuals, at some point, consider the exciting world of coding as a potential path. Our comprehensive test is designed to help you and provide you with personalized insights.

What is this Test?

This is a test aimed at helping beginners determine if coding is the right fit. It's designed in the form of a quiz to provide personalized results that guide your path forward. Your outcomes will help assess whether coding suits you and offer tailored learning recommendations or suggest alternative routes, such as QA testing.

The test contains 35 questions and we will send you the result immediately upon completion with a detailed report from our experts in the field of coding.

Are you ready?

Frequently Asked Questions

If you feel a curiosity for problem-solving, analyzing information, and embracing challenges, coding might be the perfect fit. Our test helps you better understand your inclination towards coding.

Our test is designed for absolute beginners. Regardless of your past experience, it provides insights into your coding potential.

Testing usually takes around 10-15 minutes. Upon completion, you'll instantly receive a detailed report assessing your coding predisposition and offering personalized recommendations.

Absolutely! Coding welcomes diverse backgrounds. Many successful developers started without a technical foundation. Our test guides you on your coding journey, regardless of your initial background.

Programming knows no age limits! Whether you're a teenager or considering a career change later in life, our online programming test evaluates your potential, making it accessible for learners of all ages.